Terms of Use (TOU) for End Users of Questovery:

Purpose: These Terms of Use define the conditions under which end users can access and use Questovery's services to participate in treasure hunts.

Access to Services: End users can access Questovery's services by downloading and installing the mobile application, without needing to authenticate.

Participation in Treasure Hunts: To participate in a treasure hunt, the end user must scan the QR code of the quest via the mobile application. They can then form a team, invite other members, and start the quest.

Progression in Treasure Hunts: The end user must move with their smartphone to validate the steps of the treasure hunt, answer questions, and progress in the quest.

Liability: The end user is solely responsible for their actions when participating in treasure hunts. Questovery disclaims all liability for damages caused during the use of its services.

Data Protection: Questovery is committed to protecting the personal data of end users in accordance with its privacy policy available on its website.

Modification of TOU: Questovery reserves the right to modify these TOU at any time. End users will be informed of these changes via the mobile application.

By using Questovery's services, end users acknowledge having read and accepted all the provisions set out in these Terms of Use.